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Audio System Issues

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I think I have a funky head unit. When I try to switch b/t modes; FM, AM, Tape, CD, the buttons on the head unit only work once every few days. They will switch b/t modes like they should for a second or two, then nothing.

When not working, the FM button displays the Mode button's info; Fader, Bal, Tre, Bas, etc. Weird-

The kicker is that if I use the steering wheel to switch modes, there is no problem.

I tried resetting the unit by pulling the fuse and re-entering the code, but no luck.

I am a little nervous about bringing my car into the dealer to replace the unit and they have had no experience pulling a deck on this car.

Anyone have any suggestions??? :confused:
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I think I would just let them do it. If they mess anything up they'll fix it.

It sounds as if it is the actual unit since external items like your steering wheel are fine. The only other thing I would try is to get behind it and be sure your cables in the rear of the unit are seeded fine. But if something happens it kind of becomes your pain, I'd still let the dealer have at it.
Let them pull it ...

The pulling of the stereo head unit is fairly a generic and simple task regardless of the car. It not like they will be doing a complete engine overhaul.

radio pull out

I agree. Let them deal with it. Not worth the headache.
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