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2020 Honda Pilot Elite, Lunar Silver, stock (so far)
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Had something new yesterday in our 2020 Pilot, 1500 miles.

While we were driving around I was having difficulty hearing my phone while talking to someone in-cabin. The call wasn't being routed to the cabin speakers. There was music playing so I just disconnected my phone from the USB cable and held it while taking the call.

After the call I noticed that the Audio is Off message was displayed on the home screen, yet I was listening to music. I could choose XM, FM and other car sources, but not my phone, while the radio was switched off. I pressed the on-off button a couple of times, the Audio Off message would change with the position of the switch. On, off, on, off. Music played regardless. I can't remember if there was volume control.

Has anyone seen this behavior?
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