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Yes it's discontinued and probably for good reason. It has some severe limitations, compared to its successor, the StreetPilot III.

I have one that I won a couple years ago in an on line drawing. Because of its limitations, I never really used it. I set it aside, intending to throw it up on ebay, but never got around to doing that either. Even though I paid nothing for it, it seemed to me I'd still have to invest a few hundred bucks just to make it practical (data card, USB programmer, MapSource CD(s), beanbag mount, carrying case, etc.).

If nothing else, it looks really cool on the dash of my Pilot. So, I've been playing with it lately, doing some research on Garmin's site, and I'm thinking of putting it into service.

The biggest limitation is that it will not automatically create a route. If you select points of departure and destination, it just draws a straight line and gives you a "crow fly" distance!! You have to enter your own waypoints manually. No way.

But I understand that you can create routes using the MapSource CD and upload the route to the data card.

I'd be interested hearing from anyone who has one of these, if / how you're using it, tips, pitfalls, etc.
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