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I ran into a atical about adding shock sensor to the OEM/Factory alarm, started to look into it and found many artical about it plus youtube video. it seems cut and dry using Directed 504k shock sensor kit. Then I read about issue with remote start using this type of setup and some say no issue and some say remote start triggers the shock sensor therefore it will not work.

Just curious if anybody here have done such a mod? I am going to do it regardless and have some idea of making it work (won't klnow until I tried) it would be great if anybody here can share some info....

Picture attached were found in accord forums. One of the easiest work around for the remote start is to hit unlock (disarm factory alarm) then lock-start. suppose to have 30 seconds before the factory alarm is "fully" armed. so, by unlocking the door 1st then start will disable the shock sensor. Again, this is from what I read, I did not do it yet. Just ordered the 504K and realy and need to find time to do it.


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