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Any recent (Aug, Sept) Norcal buying experiences

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The best deal I have been able to come up with lately is ~$1400 over MSRP for EX and ~$1500 over MSRP for EX-L. This is with a 2-4 week wait for both.

Any other experiences?

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Thanks to all who replied

I did check with merced honda and was told that they had a 2-5 month wait on Pilots depending on trim and color.

I also found that San Leandro Honda had some good prices too (~1K over MSRP).

I decided to go with Selma honda in the central valley. They will have exactly what I wanted, white EX-L with no DIO's for $500 over MSRP in about 2 weeks. That geal was good enough for me. So that is what I went with. I have some friends in Bakersfield that I will probably go see on that same trip.

I appreciate all responses.

p.s. has anyone bought anything from H and A accesories in Sacramento?
Bought White EX-L MSRP + $500 at Anderson Honda in Palo Alto

The guys from Anderson called me on Friday and matched the deal from Selma Honda. I got exactly what I wanted and was able to get it locally.

I am a very happy man.

I was happy with that price

I know that I could have paid les for my Pilot but it was worth it to me to be done. I would say that if a H. blue EX-L is the vehicle that you want than go for it. Could you find a better deal somewhere else? Probably, but this is going to take more of your time looking for it and may involve a longer wait to take delivery. It is all a matter of what your time is worth to you and how much you enjoy wheelin' and dealin' with salemen. I feel that I got lucky, I was able to get exactly what I wanted with only 1 real day of searching and a weeks wait. 2 points of advice. 1) don't settle for a color or options that you don't want. The Pilot you want is out there, they are more availible than the dealers want you to think. 2) NO non refundable deposits. Even when you are sure that it is the car that you want. You never know what is going to happen. They should be able to sell every Pilot that comes through their door, it is not like you are special ordering it.

Good luck with your purchase. I love mine :7: :10:

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Selma Honda

Great to hear about Selma honda. My experience was also great with these folks. I ended up detting one locally but I would have gone to Selma if the timing had not worked out better with Anderson. I am sure that you will enjoy your Pilot, I sure do.

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