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Any recent (Aug, Sept) Norcal buying experiences

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The best deal I have been able to come up with lately is ~$1400 over MSRP for EX and ~$1500 over MSRP for EX-L. This is with a 2-4 week wait for both.

Any other experiences?

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We purchased a no frills silver "LX" for about $650 over MSRP. I'm adding the options as time, need, and money is available. The sales manager wanted $2500 over MSRP and showed me his list of people on the waiting list. I replied back to him why should I give him $2500 for nothing and if the Pilot is so hot, why is that LX still on the lot? He had no comeback to that and the talking head (ie, the salesman) took over the transaction.

When it was all done, they agreed to put $3000 of the down payment on the wife's frequent flyer credit card (need those miles!) and we drove off into the night with the Pilot. Haven't regretted it one minute. Great vehicle.

BTW, the dealer was El Cerrito Honda. Gavin Brooks was the salesman.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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