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Any recent (Aug, Sept) Norcal buying experiences

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The best deal I have been able to come up with lately is ~$1400 over MSRP for EX and ~$1500 over MSRP for EX-L. This is with a 2-4 week wait for both.

Any other experiences?

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Pilot in the bay area

I have an offer for a Pilot in EX-L in Havasu Blue at MSRP + 500 from Seaside Honda, for delivery in Oct. II week.
I got the delivery of my Silver EX-L without any options at MSRP from Selma Honda. This is a dealer in the town of Selma, near fresno. My buying experience was excellent esp after the arrogant behaviour of some of the dealers in the bay area (I must have connected with atleast 20 dealers in this area). The best price that i had in the bay area was from Seaside Honda at MSRP + 500.

I recommend Selma Honda for its quality services and no haggle sales guys. My sales manager was Rudy.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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