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Hey Piloteers, forum Noob from Colorado but been in the Honda game for almost 20 years now, building everything from 1000+hp drag cars to rock crawlers competing at KOH. After years of building and owning high dollar Toyota 4Runners, Tacomas and Tundras (the typical Colorado Offroad rig) I wanted to give Honda a chance and see what was so bad about them, that I never see them being used even mildly offroad, and the extreme lack of aftermarket support made me pick up a 2005 MDX to see if I could make it a capable family excursion rig that can handle some moderate offroad action equivalent of mildly modded IFS Toyota on 33's, should be pretty easy right?

First impressions were great, drives great, smooth suspension, great power, clean quiet interior, 3rd row seat....much better than any 4runner/Taco in the same year, impressed so far. VSA & VTM-4 have issues, car is in great shape, but even maintained, the VTM-4 is sketchy at best and seems to have no real use offroad capability, with a rediculous combination of buttons and processes to even get control of the rear in a tough situation. Now I love Honda but I will not defend this system, and do not want to get stranded in FWD if the rear decides to not work when 500 miles away from home in the Mountains, or simply stuck in a titch in a bad snow storm, lots of things that a stock Toy can do pretty well, and no matter how you look at it, the OEM Diff In the Pilot/MDX/RL is hands down the weakest link of the drivetrain, which lead me to some R&D and over the last few weeks I have been designing some parts and I wanted to gauge interest if anyone would be interested some upgrades for these rigs because I see great potential once the downsides of this platform are addressed.

Here is a list of the major weak spots.
-Underbody Clearance
-Underbody Protection
-Aproach/Decent Clearance
-Aftermarket suspension Options (coil spacers are the devil)
-True 4WD Control
-No Low Range (no easy or cheap answers for adressing this)

What Parts would you guys Like to see for these Rigs? All of the following parts will be developed in the listed order for my own personal build over the next few months.

-Rear high clearance armor bumper with integrated hitch and storage & integrated exhaust tips

-Front high clearance armor bumper with hidden winch, skid, slim stinger and light bar

-Full DOM Rock Sliders/Flat Belly Skid/Tank Skid/Chassis Brace +4" of added clearance in spots, with NO rock catchers

-4" Intake, Precat Delete/Jpipe/High clearance 3" Stainless exhaust (flush with driveshaft) tucked mufflers

-On Board 150psi Air System/100w Solar Dual Batt Mount

-Front Lower Control Arm Skids

-Front & Rear Quick Sway Bar Disconnects

The following are lower priority but are in the plan book

-Full Tubular front Subframe adding 2" of Lift, Adjustable Coilover Conversion with required chassis bracing and 0-3" of additional lift, and custom long travel coilovers

-Full Tubular rear subframe with 8.8 Differential Conversion with a selectable Eaton LSD Locker (functions as and LSD AND a true locker) AND a true PUSH BUTTON Driveshaft disconnect, allowing for 100% TRUE FWD or 100% True 4WD

-Eaton M90 Supercharger Kit with MS3 EMS, Air/Water Intercooler ( and WAAAAAAAY more efficient than any other roots SC system keeping IAT's ice cold
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