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8I know ANC disabling has been discussed over the years but I was never able to find a topic that told me where exactly the ANC module was on my 2013 Pilot EXL with Navigation. I dreaded cutting wires and pulling down the headliner in the rear. After some research I located the module on the right side on the center console near the floor. I simply removed the console side panel and the module was right there. After unplugging it I found that there was no adverse effect on the stereo. I did find however, that when the engine enters eco and is on 3 cylinders there is a noticeable "droning" noise inside the cabin now. It isn't bad but is shows just how good the ANC countered the eco mode.

I am now planning on installing some JL Audio c2 650 6.5 components in the front and some coax 6.5 in rear doors. As well as adding a proper amp.

On a side note just wondering if anyone knows what the stock head unit is rated at. I was told that pioneer made the units.


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