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I dig alot and find no one get this outside temp gauge to work on a Pilot LX but i found CRV owners that done it easy here is the link,
I can not imagine that they can do it and not us....
Confirmed - it works!
Thanks to rusmosey, I can confirm that his method worked on my 09-LX. However, the connector (where the two harnesses join) was not under the battery on mine. It is located under the driver's side headlight housing, mounted on the engine compartment wall. It is pretty much impossible to see it; I found it by feel. Unfortunately, to access it, you need to remove the headlight housing, and that involves removing, at least partially, the front bumper. Actually, that's not as bad as it sounds, but it's not a 15 minute job. The attached PDF helps some.

The connector is large and rectangular, maybe 3" x 1.5"; see attached photos. As rusmosey pointed out, you want to find the light green and yellow wires on the harness coming from the dash. I cut them off close to the connector body and soldered my sensor wires to them; I then used heat shrink tubing to insulate. I used 22 gauge stranded copper wire, and routed it down to the back of the license plate housing.

I got my sensor new on ebay for about $27, part # 80525-S30-941. I also bought the retainer clip, part # 91555SL0A01, about $6, which by the way looks like it won't work with the sensor when you first stare at it!

The challenging part is finding a connector for the sensor, which has recessed male pins. I was able to modify a female connector I had on hand.

Temperature shows up on the dash perfectly! Hope this helps someone.
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