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It does but many here think others are okay to use but of course if they were Honda would have said so. Don't listen to these guys, be smart, and only use Genuine Honda DW-1 ATF.
“Don’t listen to these guys, be smart, listen to me”.

Really, there is nothing magical about OEM fluids. Do you only use Honda labeled motor oil in the engine? Of course not. There are many very good motor oils available. The same situation applies to ATF. If you feel best with Honda DW-1, that’s just fine. IMO it’s a good quality fluid for your Honda transmission, made by a contract lube manufacturer. Honda does not manufacture lubricants, they make cars.

There are many other high quality synthetic ATF fluids that are compatible with Honda transmissions. Just go on BITOG and check out the thread for more info on ATF than you ever wanted to read. Lots of members here use non-Honda ATF with good results. Do as you wish, but don’t feel that only Honda ATF is compatible. There is a long list of good compatible fluids.

The real secret for a long transmission life with Honda is frequent ATF service.
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