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Hello everyone,

Long time reader and lurker, first time poster.

I've read a few threads on here regarding the air conditioner issue and seems like the general consensus is to replace the air blower transistor. So i went off to Autozone and swapped it out but i am still having the same problem.

When i turn on the air it doesn't matter whether hot or cold i can hear air blowing around the center console but i assume thats air going to the back for the kids in back as their hot and cold air still works and can still blow strong.

I've looked at the cabin air filter and its not clogged or anything and also took a look at the AC air intake by the windshield wipers and no clog as others stated they have had. As i looked at the cabin air filter the blower fan isn't spinning. I've also checked the relays and fuses under the hood and under the dash and seems like they were functioning according to the multi-meter. Kind of stumped at this point, anyone have any directions on how to trace if voltage is reaching blower ? Perhaps a bad blower ? Just trying to see if i can get some other opinions on the matter.

I really appreciate it and thanks in advance. :D
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