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After Market All Weather Mat

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We have had the 2023 Pilot Elite (white with black interior) for about 10 days now. Absolutely love it. Would like to buy some quality floor mats and did not want to buy them at the dealer.

I see WeatherTech is showing “Coming Soon”

Has anyone purchased after market mats or has a brand they plan to buy?
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I've always used Husky Liners, they seem to be a little more durable than the Weathertech mats. I've had Weathertechs before in our '16 CR-V and '15 Fit and after a few years, the top edges of the mats curled in so there was a gap between the mat and the floor. The Husky's in my 2010 Flex (13 years now) have not changed, and so far no change in our '21 CR-V, but it's only been a couple of years.

I don't expect anything available for the '23 Pilot for a few months yet, but they would be my first choice.
I installed Husky liners in my 2016 Elite after using WeatherTech in my 2011 EX-L. All 3 of my WeatherTech sets had problems with not staying flat or even curling quite a bit. So far, the Husky liners have stayed in shape and still look relatively new after washing. If you're the kind of person who removes your liners frequently for cleaning and vacuuming, just know that the back of the liners are covered in little spikes to keep them in place. They tend to really bite your hands when you handle them.
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