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Advice for test driving a used Pilot

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My wife and I are in the market for a used (possibly new) Pilot, wanting to upgrade from her 2009 Murano. We have identified several used 2013 Pilots which fit our budget which have mileages in the 20k's to 40k's. Initially we were looking at year models closer to 2010 so the VCM vibration issues weren't a problem but now that we expanded to newer models it is a concern of mine.

I was wanting to know if anyone had any advice for how to drive the Pilots on the test drive to try induce the vibration to see if that particular vehicle has the issue. From what I have gathered they occur at about 15 rpms for many.

Also, is the vibration something that all Pilots in this model range inevitably experience or is it something that only affects random vehicles? If the vibrations will undoubtedly occur even though they aren't present when we buy it, I'll need to factor that into our decision.

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I went on purpose on Oct 31st to buy a Pilot. Last day of the month, right? It came down to a 2011 Pilot EX-L as I recall and a certified 2015 Touring with 22,000 on it. Certified car was exec car driven by zone guy in Iowa. I haven't contacted him, but I have his name and email if needed.

Both Pilots looked nice and well kept. When I test drove both cars on highway at 60 to 65mph, yes, there was what I would normally associate with a tire balance problem or tire that had issues. I simply can't remember if the 2011 or the 2015 was worse, but they both had noticeable vibration. I purchased the 2015 and compared to the 7 Honda Accords (one left) and CR-Vs two left) we have owned the interior finish sure seemed not up to par for a $40K+ vehicle. I like it and was about ready to go put new Michelin Premiers on the Pilot when I found this forum. Thank goodness. Did I mention the tires have 24,000 miles on them now? No they are not shot. I do need to get them rotated and balanced since I can't find any record of any rotations being done. All I can say, I don't want VCM, you can feel the converter and VCM having all sorts of fun going up and down the small inclines on the drive home from work on the interstate. We don't drive it much.

I plan on putting on the VCM disabler and seeing how it goes. This is the first Honda I have purchased that I honestly haven't been full pleased with.

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