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Advice for test driving a used Pilot

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My wife and I are in the market for a used (possibly new) Pilot, wanting to upgrade from her 2009 Murano. We have identified several used 2013 Pilots which fit our budget which have mileages in the 20k's to 40k's. Initially we were looking at year models closer to 2010 so the VCM vibration issues weren't a problem but now that we expanded to newer models it is a concern of mine.

I was wanting to know if anyone had any advice for how to drive the Pilots on the test drive to try induce the vibration to see if that particular vehicle has the issue. From what I have gathered they occur at about 15 rpms for many.

Also, is the vibration something that all Pilots in this model range inevitably experience or is it something that only affects random vehicles? If the vibrations will undoubtedly occur even though they aren't present when we buy it, I'll need to factor that into our decision.

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I say that you get a paint density meter and check to make sure that the car hasn't been repainted which would also help identify accidents. Also have an independent mechanic inspect the vehicle. I would also recommend that you run your fingers over all the metal in the vehicle every freaking inch and make sure the paint is not pealing, melting, or has a rubbery feel, make sure to check behind the rubber gaskets and every crack or crevice. Test drive the vehicle at 45, 55, and 65 mph and maintain a constant speed so that the ECO mode kicks in if you feel an vibration at all forget it. Lastly as much as it tortures me to say this you may also simply want to consider checking out a Highlander or Explorer instead I just purchased a 2015 Pilot LX and I am having paint issue already Honda doesn't manufacture vehicles like they used to and you better be real careful with this purchase because Honda WILL NOT do anything to help you with any of the major defects. A year ago I replaced my Odyssey with a Sienna as the Odyssey at only 70k miles needed its engine mounts replaced my theory is that the cylinder deactivation was the culprit. Never ever had to replace engine mounts on a vehicle and have had cars well over 100K miles. Should have stuck with Toyota way better quality control on average they have there issues yes but the obvious things like paint and mechanical quality is very high and consistent.
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Ha ha I still have my Pilot "persuaded" the dealer to swap my car for another car and they did it believe it or not. I also did experience the rapid acceleration problem once in the other Pilot but not the swapped one. I love the Pilot as it is the most functional and practical SUV ever made for it's size, I am limited in the size of my vehicles by my incredibly small garage hint the new Pilot will not fit so I need to keep this one as long as I can. I am overall happy I am not a fan of the dashboard but I don't notice any other thing I dislike outside of the bad paint. I am a master now though at inspecting cars ha ha.
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