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Acura TLX Type S V6 Turbo

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only if they catch you !
Now they use drones so slow down if you see lines painted across the road. Then there are the red light cameras. They've started "bill by plate" for tolls here so you're always being watched by tech it seems.
Mark your calendars, 5/20 this thread will be updated with the full reveal!

TFL posted a video walkaround of the car and these are my notes:

  1. Thank god they have Paul reviewing it. He's the kind of person I know I can trust with the technical details unlike almost all journalists.
  2. The Apex blue with the waffle weave inspired wheels makes me lust.
  3. The exhaust note is about the best V6 I have heard since the G37/370Z. No aftermarket exhaust needed.
  4. A little subjective but I quite like the interior and the red seats. I could live with it.
  5. The engine sure as heck appears to be DOHC in the video even though they don't talk about it. I am so interested to get more details on it. They did verify it is a single twin scroll turbo, which THANKFULLY is not hidden under a cover and is proudly displayed.
  6. Everything Paul was saying about the SH-AWD system makes it sound like it should do a really good job of hiding the FWD roots.

Anyone else excited? @undivide and @Mcmanut02 I know you were pumped earlier in the thread.
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With Nissan's new Z putting 400hp, I was hoping Acura would have tried to match it. We will probably do what we did with the Cl type S. Drive one when new, and then get one a decade later.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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