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Nobili spiritus embiggens pequeño sparus tyre.
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Some of you Piloteers who are denizens of the Rustbelt where copious amounts of salt are dumped on the roads every winter may be experiencing a slowing or failing rear wiper, especially in the spring or after minimal use since the winter. It seems the calcium dust just loves to cruddify, if you'll pardon the technical jargon, where that rear wiper pivots.

I've run into this issue before and the cure is COPIOUS amounts of WD-40 Silicone Lubricant both inside and outside and out, sometimes over the course of a couple days.

rear wiper motor

If you live in a rainy climate, the joint often gets regular exercise as you use it, but if the rear wiper sits unused for an extended period of time, the calcium dust infiltrates the pivot and hardens. So you need to use it or lose it. Don't wait for a rainy day only to discover it's arthritic and failing. In which case, after lubing it up good as described or better yet before it fails, exercise it even when it's dry out by pulling the wiper blade out away from the rear window (to reduce friction and wear), and let it swoop away back and forth freely as you go for a medium drive.

The bonus is that even if they think you're a little weird, other drivers tend to back off from tailgating you too much.
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