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4th Gen wheel compatibility

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I just picked up a 2023 EXL and I am looking at options for winter wheels. I like to stick with OEM wheels and It looks like I have many options from my research.

Can anyone confirm with certainty that the previous generation Pilot/MDX wheels in 245-55-19 will fit without issues? From what I can tell, they are just slightly narrower and the overall diameter is slightly smaller. Also wondering if this will look strange and give the wheels that "sunken in" in look.
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FWIW, there was a set of complete Trail Sport wheel/ tires FS on here. I’d thought about a winter wheel set for mine as well. I might consider something like that.
Yes, those were a great set and I wish I saw that post in time! The problem is the car is so new, that there are very few sets on the used market currently. I know the 2022+ MDX wheels are the perfect fit but I don’t really want 20” winter tires.

Hopefully someone can chime in if they have any direct experience with the fitment of the older generations as they would look good and be easy to find.
I've never done the measuring of exact specs. You could check on and see if updated yet. You could ask dealer, check at other tire dealer or where you plan to get the winter tires. Slight offset difference shouldn't be too bad. I like the Ridgeline wheels that katyeight put on their '16. You could check Ridgeline Owners club to see if any listed.

From what I see the '23 Pilot is 5x120 with 50mm offset. Ridgeline is 5x120 with 45 offset so would stick out 5mm more. Older versions (like my '19) 5x120 with a 55mm offset so would set slightly in.

You could get a good set of wheel spacers if that was a concern. A couple members have pictures of 3rd gen with wheel spacers to push out some.

Maybe you can find a Canadian neighbor/member that will let you try one. Drive down to Long Island and you can try stock 2019 EX-L 18" with factory 245-60-18 snows or 2018 Ridgeline with 265-60-18 Defender LTX to see how they look.
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Thanks for the information posted so far. I ended up finding a great deal on 18” ridgeline wheels with 55mm offset and they will be a great set for winter. I take delivery of my pilot later this month and I am anxious to test them for fitment.

Can anyone confirm in the meantime if 55mm offset Honda oem wheels clear the calipers and suspension on a 4th gen pilot?
I am talking with an owner who has purchased a 2023 and is selling his 3rd generation wheels. He said the TPMS sensors have been removed from the original location of inside the wheel as part of the stem and is now on the hub on the 2023 models. I don't know this for a fact but if it is true, than any wheels you purchase you should not have to buy replacement sensors if they come without them.

Again, this is something the seller told me but I haven't verified it yet. I had a Buick which did have an external sensor which read and compared the RPM of each individual tire. Any tire which had a different RPM was low on pressure because it spun differently than the other tires.
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