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3rd (High Mount) Brake Light Wiring Harness Replacement

I just replaced the 3rd (High Mount) Brake Light Wiring Harness on my 2005 Honda Pilot and it was pretty easy. I Paid $30 for it at a local Honda dealer. Shop around because another dealer wanted $60 and they weren't sure if that was the part. Shout out to Team Honda on 30 in Merrillville, Indiana. The girl working the counter found the exact part I needed.

1. Remove the Red Housing. There are 2 end caps that you can pop out with a small flathead screwdriver. Removing them will expose a philips head screw on either side. Remove the screws and remove the socket from the red light housing.

2. Remove the spoiler mounting bolts. There are three bolts that hold the spoiler in place on the inside of the tailgate. The center one has a round plastic cap covering it. I popped that out with a flathead screwdriver. You'll need a 10mm deep socket to remove all 3 bolts. I had to tug on the spoiler to get the middle one to pop out because it kept spinning. There's a plastic washer attached to the nuts that hold the nut to the tip of the screw.

3. Remove the old wiring harness. I popped the spoiler up and forward to expose the wiring harness. Remove the old wiring harness and run the new wiring harness. There's a boot where the wiring harness attaches to the body of the vehicle. Attach the connector and then push the boot down to secure it to the hole. the ARROW must face to the RIGHT.

4. Re-install the spoiler by reversing the process you used to remove it. There are 2 plastic clips underneath that I broke when putting the spoiler back on but the 3 nuts and bolts are holding it on tight. I may get some from the dealer if I feel that the spoiler is moving too much at high speeds.

5. Connect the bulb to the new socket. Test the light before proceeding. Attach the socket to the Red Light housing and attach the housing with the 2 philips head screws. Pop the 2 end caps on and you should be done.

Here are pics of what I did.

IMPORTANT: When you connect the new harness to the connector for the internal wiring, make sure the ARROW on the boot points to the RIGHT. The metal is stamped with and ARROW pointing to the RIGHT as well so it's a no brainer.


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