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2023 pilot Vibration issue

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Honda Pilot 2023.
Is Anyone have issue on vibrating on the car ?speed around 70~90 miles
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The only thing I notice on my Touring is it seems to have a slight rumble between 1800-2000 rpm when accelerating. Does this in every gear, not specific to any speed. I feel it mostly through the gas pedal. Anyone notice the same?
Yah it’s hard to pinpoint exactly but I feel it in the frame, but I only get it between 1800-2000. It’s very minor but when I accelerate through that range i feel it and then over 2000 it smoothed out again. I do not get anything above 2400 though and mine is not audible, only a feeling
Mine is AWD. It is a very faint high frequency vibration / resonance that I mainly feel in the gas pedal under acceleration only. It is only present between 1800 and 2000 rpm in any gear. It only stands out because it is so smooth at all other rpm’s and acceleration past 2000 rpm it just disappears. I had the dealer drive it and they didn’t notice. But I’ll bring up again next time I’m there.
I do feel it slightly in the steering wheel, but most noticeable in the gas pedal.
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thank you for that. I have two comments.
1) if what you are proposing was true I’d expect to feel it at lower rpm’s and have it smooth out as rpms come up. At 1500-1800 rpm under load there is nothing and then between 1800-2000 rpm i feel it and above 2000 rpm it smoothed out again.
2) on my outgoing 2011 Pilot I was getting a little torque converter flutter. The feeling on my 2023 pilot is much higher frequency and I do not believe this is a flutter issue. I don’t think it is something wrong per se , rather an engine vibration / resonance that isn’t being damped out in the mount setup. It is annoying though and after paying this much for a car is frustrating
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It’s interesting some are having rpm specific vibrations (like me) and others are speed sensitive (more likely tires) on the new cars.
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What if you change the drive mode to Sport? That would keep you in lower gears for longer before upshifting. Lower vehicle speeds at higher gears can and will cause some vibration.
Yes if I drive in sport mode I avoid the rpm “sweet spot” where I feel the vibration bit that isn’t a fix. When I have the car in for the first oil change I’ll have a technician go for a ride with me
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