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2023 pilot Vibration issue

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Honda Pilot 2023.
Is Anyone have issue on vibrating on the car ?speed around 70~90 miles
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No vibrations but I’m getting 20 inch matte black wheels next week will let you guys know how that will go as well as some pics.
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Well my Pilot has been in the shop for over a week about the vibration coming from the front. They tell me it drives like that because they tested another Pilot and it did the same thing. I told them well it shouldn’t drive like that because I traded in my wife CR-V for this and it didn’t shake like this. He’s saying they really can’t do anything until more people complain and Honda does a safety recall and they find the problem and let the dealers know how to fix the issue. This is really frustrating because a new $44k car shouldn’t be doing this….I had a Toyota matrix and didn’t vibrate like this. I personally think it’s the transmission as it’s figuring out what gear to be in at higher speeds it’s causing vibrations, or transmission mounts or engine mounts are bad. I’m really in a dilemma and kind of wish I didn’t purchase the vehicle. Any suggestions?
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1 - 2 of 61 Posts