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2023 Pilot Prices Paid Final Price Only

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Please put model of Pilot, (LX, EX etc and whether you have sensing or not), FWD/AWD and price you paid before any trade in is accounted for.
List dealer installed accessories separately.
Also keep Taxes title and fees separate.
City, State
Picture of your new Pilot is encouraged.

This thread is only for reporting the actual price paid by a buyer. All other posts will be deleted.

Deposits and any other discussion other than reporting the actual price paid upon full purchase will be deleted.
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Trailsport - Platinum White Pearl $50K + Tax + Title Godspeed
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2WD Touring (white w/black leather)
MSRP: $48,250
Dealer Add Ons: $1,402 (All Season Floormats, Cargo Tray, Wheel Locks, Paint Protection, Black Rear Honda Logo)
Doc Fee: $150
Price BEFORE Tax: $49,802
Tax: $3,182 (Texas)
State Fees: $203
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Just put a $500 deposit on an AWD EX-L (Modern Steel). I paid MSRP of $45,395, plus $314 in Doc/Gov fees, for a total of 45,709 plus sales tax. No mandatory accessories or PP0. The dealer also increased the trade-in allowance for my CX-9 from $26,000 to $27,400 to match my offer from Carmax.

The total process took about 45 minutes, which included two 15 minute test drives. The Pilot is scheduled to be built in late February, with a March/April delivery.
Update to my final Price:

I finally took delivery of my EX-L yesterday, after almost 3 months since I placed my deposit--The wait was not a big deal, since I had already anticipated it. I was concerned that the value of my CX-9 had gone down, so last week I did another Carmax appraisal--To my pleasant surprise, the value had increased by $2000, to $29,400! I have a Carmax in my town, so I went down to get the offer verified, and emailed the official offer to the dealer. They agreed to raise the trade in offer to $29,000, and with the partial sales tax credit, the effective trade-in amount was $29,540.

Final price:
$45,395 MSRP
$260 Document Fees
$24 Filing Fees
$2231.74 Sales Tax
$47,910 Total
$29,000 Trade

This is the first vehicle that I have ever paid sticker price, but the dealer was very easy to work with and at least I don't have to wonder if someone else got a better deal...
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Got my Radiant Red Elite yesterday. MSRP and Trade-in was a 2019 Ridgeline. They eventually gave me a good price for it. KBB Good value (although I think it was Excellent). Had to walk to the door a couple of times. Ordered in late Feb. This was a bonus vehicle that was sent to the dealer. My original one was still not built.

Doc fee was about $550 or so. We gave them that, as we did want the vehicle. Sometimes you give in. Only two dealers in about 150 miles, so we said OK.

No issues other than a couple of nicks in the right passenger door by the transport. They are fixing that for me as well as installing the trailer hitch. ( about 1041 installed I believe).

Awesome vehicle. Can't write more here as we have to go and drive it somewhere... anywhere!

You chose the best color. Congratulations
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Can you please share the 17 point checklist? I am about to take delivery of a brand new TrailSport in July so the list will come in handy :) Thanks much
This is the 16 I had made out, I know there is another list out there, maybe 6 or so. I'm sure there is some overlap, and also a couple of these didn't apply to my Elite. I just threw this together since I knew I would forget them all.

I can't say I went through them all, but most of them. It was getting late and had to drive about 100 miles home. So far, no issues other than what the dealer found.

Sunroof - flat on both sides
Water leakage damage
Trim pieces falling off or loose
Big gaps in hood
Puddle lights out or flickering
Rear camera lights grid lines appear and disappear
Captains chairs armrests don't go down to the same place
Windshield blurry at angles
Chrome trim on base of passenger window
Alignment of chrome trim on drivers side rear window is off
Tailgate operation
Black spots under paint clearcoat
Bracket holding the windshield washer fluid broken causing dent in front passenger quarter panel
Insulation on rear spoiler not tucked in.
Speaker popping
Paint issues

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Bought my 2023 Pilot Elite, Platinum White Pearl with black interior, on April 11, 2023. It had an MSRP of $53,830 with a dealer installed "Protection Package" - all season floor mats, cargo tray and splash guards - for $599.

I found a dealer in Carson City honoring the Costco Auto Program. They gave me a Costco savings of $3416 off the MSRP and 15% off the protection package, for a sale price of $50,923.01.

I had to pay a crazy doc fee of $399.50 and sales tax of $1,438.15. In Nevada, you only pay sales tax on the difference between sale price and trade-in price ($18,923). They gave me $32,000 for my 2019 Pilot Touring. Total price with doc fee and tax - $52,760.66, less trade made it a $20,760.66 cash difference.

I was pretty happy with the deal after talking to my local dealer who wouldn't budge off of MSRP.
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Ordered 2023 White / Brown Pilot Elite 3/17/2023. ETA: June 1, 2023
MSRP = $53,830, Including Delivery (First Time Paying MSRP for Any Car, Truck, Motorcycle, RV or Boat -- Gads!)
Accessories = $728 Installed (Floor Mats + Cargo Tray + Door Edge Film + Splash Guards)
Oregon Taxes = $529 (Including a BS "Privilege Tax")
Government Fee = $112 (Supposedly for license plates -- must check on this)
Document Fee = $150
TOTAL = $55,349

Have bought many vehicles through the Costco Auto Program over the years. But the only Honda Dealer listed in the entire area at the time was $2,000 over MSRP. Visited another dealership that proudly stated that they never charge over MSRP. Went back to order the Pilot and they told me that they now charge $2,500 over MSRP. I got that removed. Was offered auction trade-in value for my 2017 GMC Yukon Denali with low miles. No one mentioned CarMax. Later found out through another sales person that they have a working relationship with CarMax and suggested I get an online quote (good for seven days) when the Pilot is delivered. My original sales person no longer works at this dealership.

I have to say that ordering this Pilot has been a convoluted process. The folks at the dealership are nice but their whole process seems awkward, at least compared to many past purchasing experiences. Strangely, their Order Summary Sheet didn't list my $2,000 deposit, so my original sales person wrote it in by hand and Management wouldn't reprint it after I requested they do so.

When delivery gets close, I'll see what the Yukon trade-in value is from CarMax and go from there.

I very much appreciate all the comments by other forum members and the heads up regarding possible defects to be aware of at delivery.
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Picking up friday!!! Note price of pilit crv have gone up costco discout still 350 so price went up 400…they honored old price and costco np


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Pilot LX AWD Grey $41k out the door - including MD tax and registration. Nice ride.
Purchased today:
2023 Honda Pilot Touring AWD Radiant Red II
MSRP: $50,350
Discount: -$2,000
Dealer Add ons Total: $1,936
Exterior Ceramic Coating (499)
Door Edge Guads (289)
Body Side Moldings (449)
Protection Package (699)
Total Vehicle Cost: $50,289
Doc Fee: $150
State Taxes: $3,222
Total out the door price: $53,861
$61 under MSRP
10 miles on the odometer
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2023 Pilot LX AWD
+ttl & doc
Nice Machine- Smooth and Fast in the urban/Interstate hwy driving role.
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Trailsport in Diffused Sky Pearl
MSRP: $50,150
Dealer Addons: $1125
Taxes (TX):$3200~
Doc & other fees: $350
Out the door: $55,000~ (54,833)
3 Miles on the Odometer.
Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Car
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Its my turn!
Picked up Elite in Obsidian Blue Pearl

MSRP: $53375
Dealer Addons: $1298 (Tint, cargo mat, floor mats, wheel locks & paint protection for 7 years)
Hitch installation after delivery : $1300 + taxes
Taxes (TX):$ 3498.31
Doc : $150
Title & other fees: $291
Out the door: $59, 912

9 Miles on the Odometer.

I will do another post with quality issues :(
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I too picked up an Elite in Obsidian Blue yesterday.

MSRP: 54,365.00 (52,030.00 before the PPO towing package)
Dealer add-ons: $1,995.00 (tint, all-weather mats, cargo tray, splash shields, wheel locks, door edge and handle guards)
Taxes (TX): $2946.06 had a trade
Fees (doc, etc): $416.97
OTD: $58,500.00

18 miles on the odometer

The towing package was an absolute surprise, BUT we left paying less than what I was told on the phone.
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Picking up a 2023 Elite in Sonic Gray in the next few weeks.
MSRP: $54, 180
Dealer discount: $1,250

Towing Hitch: $913.20 installed (without hands free adapter sensor relocation)
Door Edge Film: $97.35 installed
Splash Guards: $176.10 installed

Pre-tax total: 54,116.65
Sales Tax (6%): $3246.99
Fees: $315

OTD: $57,678.64
Located in SE Michigan where all the dealers are firm on MSRP and acting like they’re doing you a favor by only charging that. Seems like customer service is gone and they’ve all told me to go to the other side of the state for trade in and purchase, so I am. Going to Grand Rapids where the dealer has been nothing but great. Accessories listed I wanted anyway and figured I’d just let have them do it and be done given the discount.
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2023 TrailSport, Sonic Grey

MSRP: 50,500
Discount: 500
Price: 50,000 + TTL

Area: Suburban Chicago

They also threw in cross bars and a cargo cover, I think that adds up to about 500.
Arrives in the next week or two.
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2023 Sonic Grey Touring

Msrp- $50350
Heated steering wheel- 792
Price- $48,782+ TTL
HondaCare warranty 5/80k - $1050(originally offered at $1550) but I said no

Ordered last month, so locked in before the msrp went up. No dealer add ons, standard dealer fees but had to go 3 hrs out of the way. I did add heated steering wheel and they convinced me to buy the extended warranty(at cost) - probably cause Ill never go back to service there. Solid deal and great purchase experience, especially since I got a 3.74 apr from my credit union as well.
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Dealership: Honda of Covington
Location: Covington, La
Salesman: Daniel Green
Purchase Date: May 6, 2023

2023 Honda Pilot Elite AWD
  • Exterior: Steel Gray
  • Interior: Brown with Black contrast Perforated Leather

Base Price+Destination $54235.00

Dealership Mandatory Accessories
(Pro Pack): $1995
Trailer Hitch: $750
LDEQ Waste tire fee $9
Registration Fee: $198.50
Documentation Fee: $448.00
Temp Tag: $4
Louisiana Sales Tax : $1031.91

Total Out The Door: $58671.41

Trade In
2022 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy: $44,000

Payment increase $5.


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I’m from Maryland and just picked up an EX-L 8 passenger AWD in Radiant Red Metallic for $46,200 minus $1388.49 = $44811.51 + $999 VA dealer fee + $408 MD tax and $375 registration and misc fees.

No accessories or add-ons

Dealer gave me $3k more than Carmax for my trade and was able to save $2340 in taxes.
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