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Picked up my White AWD EX-L 7P today - I put my name on their allocation list in mid January for reference. I planned to get the base deal of MSRP (46,150) with no dealer adds or markups but I did actually end up getting a grand knocked off of MSRP (more on this below).

Here's the breakdown for my deal:
Base MSRP: $46,150
Actual Price: $45,150
Sales Tax (7% in IL): $3,160.50
TTL: $653.26
EFF: $50

OTD Price: $49,013.76

I was pre-approved for 5.19% for 72 months at my credit union, but the dealer offered to knock off $1,000 upfront if I took the Honda financing for 5.9% (they must get a pretty good kickback from Honda here). I was hesitant but after doing the math it seemed like a no brainer as it basically netted the same amount paid over the life of the loan not factoring in the potential to refinance with the extra benefit lowering the upfront loan amount by $1,000.

I obliged and will plan to refinance with my CU at the lower rate in a month but now I can say I got a 2023 Pilot for under MSRP :cool:

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Can you break that down?
I paid 54.4k OTD for my Elite. It sounds like you're getting raked over the coals at that price for a TrailSport.
This is in CA and at this time Trailsport is hardcore to dealt with especially with the color diffused sky blue. And Markup everywhere around 5k to 6k. I tried Elite trim before and it’s easily to get one under msrp with no markups almost anywhere in CA.

For this trailsport, somehow they was able to not charge me the markup price and I really do like the color so it’s on me, could have wait a bit but you know it is what it is. :p

Msrp 51845
Accessories + pro pack + gps tracker + clear shield worth of 3.5k
CA Tax: 4.8k
Fee+dmv: 600

able to bring it down 1k under msrp. I’m pretty happy about this. I know the price is a bit beefy because this is CA.

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EX-L AWD Black, purchased back in January.
$44,895 which includes the $1,345 destination fee so basically $500 under msrp. No other extra fees except the usual taxes, tag, title etc. I think total came out right under $50k.

Long Island, New York.

Had to go through the Costco Auto Program as my local dealer wanted $5k markup. There was a Honda dealer 35 mins drive that was part of the Costco Auto program and they gave me this below msrp price. Strangely they also told me a $5k markup price in the beginning before I told them I'm here with my Costco Auto Program.

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Just put a $1000 deposit on a diffused blue. Pretty excited, 100% of the negotiating occurred over the phone. Looked at the car in person at closest dealer in proximity, called around until I found one with a general idea of when it was coming in and who would take a deposit down.
This dealer adds a “$695 dealer prep” to every purchase that is non negotiable. To offset this I played hard on the value of my trade in, $200 off factory installed tint (which I’ve always wanted but never have time to take the car to a third party), and free all weather floor mats. The tint is still probably marked up a significant amount, but I’m satisfied.

Highest trade in / offer on my previous car (‘18 Subaru Forester XT touring - highest level trim) was $19,000 from Carvana, dealer is taking it for $22,500. In my experience the trade in value is where you can make step changes in the total value of the new purchase, especially after you factor in the reduced taxable amount.
2023 Honda Pilot Trailsport AWD
  • Exterior: Diffused Blue
  • Interior: Black

Base Price: $49,695.00
Accessories: $1,948.90
Doc Fee: $200
Registration Fee: $792.50 (this extremely high cost is not elevated by the dealer but an ‘RTA’ Tax that king county (Seattle) imposes on every vehicle, news are higher.
Total MSRP as Built: $51,643.00

Dealership Mandatory Accessories-
Diffused Sky Blue: $455
Door Edge Guards: $259.95
Door Cups: $139.95
Dealer Prep; $695 (they claim this is to clean interior and exterior post transit.)
Tinting Windows: $399 (was $599, still feel this is high, but I really want them factory installed.)

Trade In (2018 Subaru Forester XT Touring AWD)-64,000 miles: $22,500

Washington State Sales Tax: (10.8%) (After Trade): $3,247.54
Deposit / Down Payment: $1,000

Total Finance Amount: $32,283.94

Honda financial - 4.9% 60 months
Estimated payments - $608.97/ month

curious if it’s possible to get a better rate even after applying for financing and signing the offer?

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Brooklyn New York
$52,030.00 Obsidian Blue Pearl Elite Pilot
$1,345.00 Destination
- $1500.00 Dealer Discount
$51,875.00 Selling Price
$3,448.31 NJ 7% sales tax
$465.50 All MVC Fees
$175.00 Dealer Doc. Fee
$55,960.81 Total OTD Cost

No trade-in. 3/9/23
Which dealer did you go to? I'm in the Brooklyn area and the dealers around me are charging +2K MSRP.

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What dealer did you buy from? I could only find 1 dealer in the twin cities that didn't have a markup or mandatory add-ons. I have 2 more weeks to wait, and then I'll be picking it up in the Richfield-Bloomington area. Wink Wink.
I bought from Rapids Honda in **** rapids. I emailed 6 dealerships for out the door quotes. 2 of them gave me Just above MSRP. Then I took those best quotes to Rapids Honda where I did my test drive and negotiated from there. Originally they had almost 2K of dealer add ons. My car was in 2 days later. I also wasn’t buying an elite which I read is the most popular model and I said I would take just about any color. I’m not picky on those details but I do care about cost.
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