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2023 Pilot Prices Paid Final Price Only

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Please put model of Pilot, (LX, EX etc and whether you have sensing or not), FWD/AWD and price you paid before any trade in is accounted for.
List dealer installed accessories separately.
Also keep Taxes title and fees separate.
City, State
Picture of your new Pilot is encouraged.

This thread is only for reporting the actual price paid by a buyer. All other posts will be deleted.

Deposits and any other discussion other than reporting the actual price paid upon full purchase will be deleted.
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2023 Elite BLK/BLK MSRP with no market adjustment or add ons. Put down a credit card deposit for a unit that is built but still in transit.

Start to finish in about 4.5 hours.....I guess in some ways knowing that MSRP flat is very likely my best deal makes it easier haha....because I'm not tempted to keep trying to walk dealers down from there. There is quite a bit of variation out there with some asking for $$$ market adjustment, some requiring protection packages, some demanding that you "just come on in" and unwilling to send firm quotes over internet, and others willing to drop the BS quickly when then understand that you will literally put down a credit card right now if they hit the price.

Very similar experience. I went and test drove a Touring and put a $500 deposit on an Elite that was being built. Someone backed out of an Elite that arrived before mine but it was the same color I wanted so the dealership called and I went in the same day. Took an hour to test drive and put the deposit down and maybe 2 hours to test drive the Elite and get it purchased. That was with a trade as well.

Bought a Black/Black Elite w/ no accessories. Paid MRSP of $53,375 + $230 for doc fees in Indianapolis. After trade and down payment, I financed around 10k at 4.99% through Honda.

I'm going to try to get them to come down on the all season mats and go pick those up since I have to go through Midwest winters.

Edit: I was able to have them price match a $200 listing on eBay instead of $250 non-installed price on the mats.
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