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2023 Honda Pilot Videos

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Thoughts I'd start a thread and we can put any new videos in it to get our Honda Pilot fix in. 馃榾 Mods please move or delete if need be.

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2017 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E
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A decent look at the brown interior鈥..
Great look at the brown, unfortunately miss daisy might have the most annoying review voice of all time. "Pilot Elite will provide you with a steering wheel, for which you can change the direction of your travel" Thanks lady

Checkout the mobilehondamechanic review. It's pretty good

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These reviews that repeatably use "your" kind of drive me crazy - how about just "a blind spont monitor" rtaher than "your blind spot monitor" It is not my car.
I just watched Miss Holly From Muncie

I see what you are talking about.

23 Pilot gives you your doors, 23 Pilot gives you your 4 wheels with tires already installed, 23 Pilot gives you (cut to picture of me lighting myself on fire.....)
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