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2023 Fit and Finish

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Hi all
I recently traded my well loved 2011 for a 2023 Pilot. How has everyone’s experience been with fit and finish. I was surprised to find inconsistent door gaps on the passenger side doors, mainly the rear door. I unfortunately did not notice during delivery two weeks ago, as I wasn’t focussed on gaps, rather ensuring no scratches or things like that. I have never worried about gaps on a Honda as they are normally great. Dealer is going to assess tomorrow. Anyone else seeing this?
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I had a piece of chrome door trim that wasn’t aligned properly. Off by at least 1/2 inch, and because it’s chrome, it reflected from a different angle than the adjoining piece, which made it look like a different color chrome. Dealer took some convincing, but they switched it out with a new piece for me.
Was this the chrome piece directly under the window? I'm hoping to switch these out for black, so I'm wondering how difficult the switch was.
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