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2022 Price Reporting thread.

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Please use this thread to discuss pricing on model year 2022 Pilots ONLY!

How to report your price:

Trim level
Factory options selected

MSRP inc delivery
Actual Price Paid before extras
Dealer fitted extras (eg rubber mats, towing)
Title and other fees

Dealer name, city, state.
Additionally, please share if you traded in a car or not.

Thank you

2022 Honda Pilot Pricing
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Apologies if this is frowned upon, but here is my deal, trying to decide if I should pull the trigger. Appreciate any input.

2022 Pilot Special Edition
Pearl White color (+395)
No other factory options

MSRP 41,280 (no budging off of MSRP, not really surprised based on what I've read)
Less Honda Loyalty (-$750)
Actual Price $40,530
Dealer Extras $1996 (paint & fabric seal, window tint, wheel locks, mud flaps, nitrogen tire fill, trunk tray. Overpriced, but it is what it is. Dealer has to keep the lights on with scarce inventory...)
Dealer offering $25,000 on my trade, Carvana offering $32,000. No brainer to sell to Carvana. Trade is a 2018 Pilot EX-L with 50K miles. Carvana offer is within $5000 of what I paid almost 4 years ago. Kinda hard to turn that down...

Basically $10,526 for a 4 year newer brand new Pilot.
Huggins Honda, Ft. Worth Texas
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