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2022 Price Reporting thread.

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Please use this thread to discuss pricing on model year 2022 Pilots ONLY!

How to report your price:

Trim level
Factory options selected

MSRP inc delivery
Actual Price Paid before extras
Dealer fitted extras (eg rubber mats, towing)
Title and other fees

Dealer name, city, state.
Additionally, please share if you traded in a car or not.

Thank you

2022 Honda Pilot Pricing
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New to the forum. Bought my 2022 SE from Larry Miller Honda in Murray, Utah on 10/20/2021. MSRP was $42,885. I paid $43,171.28 which included 3M door edge guards already - sloppily - installed and an IOU for window tinting. I've NEVER paid MSRP for a car before. Honestly, I'm not sure if I've ever paid within a couple thousand of MSRP. But given the times, I feel it was the best I could do. I took Honda financing @ 0%. It was time to trade in our 2014 Town and Country. I got $10,500 for our trade. It was "rough around the edges" for sure. Being able to quickly and easily unload our trade for a fair (more than fair?) price was what got me to move on the Pilot. I purchased $708 in dealer add-ons because I thought it would save me some time detailing, coating, etc. After a short visit to the service department to take advantage of these add-ons, I realized how useless and overpriced they were. This is the first and last time I'll ever fall for "appearance packages" and paint/interior warranties from the dealer. A full refund is in the works. Dealer doc fee was $299. OTD (minus pending refund and not adjusting for trade) is $46,218.72. Yeah, that's a lot for a Pilot IMHO. However, we needed a new car and we're loving the Pilot. It's all blacked out and looks amazing. MSRP, 0%, and a good trade in value is better than I was getting propositioned with at other dealers.
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