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Good evening. Just joined. I owned a 2006 Pilot and now I've come back a few years later with a 2022.

How to report your price:

Trim level Special Edition Deep Scalet Pearl
Factory options selected Not certain, it came as a package and I'm still learning. I think its and EX-L with some extras.

MSRP inc delivery No sure, unfortunately I was pressed to get a vehicle at the worst possible time, I put my head down and plowed ahead
Actual Price Paid before extras $44,200
Dealer fitted extras (eg rubber mats, towing) Mats came with it, along with an "oil change contract for 5 years/60,000 miles" both were included 0 cost.
Tax 2953
Title and other fees 380, 105
Total O.T.D. price of 47,640

Dealer name, city, state. Rossi Honda, Vineland NJ
Additionally, please share if you traded in a car or not.
sold my 2015 Durango Limited 75,000 miles excellent condition to Carmax for $19,500

Thank you

2022 Honda Pilot Pricing
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