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2022 Price Reporting thread.

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Please use this thread to discuss pricing on model year 2022 Pilots ONLY!

How to report your price:

Trim level
Factory options selected

MSRP inc delivery
Actual Price Paid before extras
Dealer fitted extras (eg rubber mats, towing)
Title and other fees

Dealer name, city, state.
Additionally, please share if you traded in a car or not.

Thank you

2022 Honda Pilot Pricing
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2022 Pilot Elite (AWD is standard on Elites and Black Editions this model year)
Steel Sapphire Metallic (which is an upcharge from Honda)
Gray Interior
Bought the all season floor mats from the dealer
MSRP including Delivery: $50,989
Taxes/titles/fees made it $53,451.83 OTD
60 months @ 1.84%

Purchased in Lawrence, KS. Only one I could find within 300 miles of where I live (KC) that had the combo of interior color/trim level my wife wanted. Thankfully they had in the exterior color I would have chosen if I had a choice. No room to deal on the price, but I did negotiate more on the trade.

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Yep, I've been to several dealers before purchasing my car from the very same dealer we bought our 03 CRV, 2010 Pilot and now the 22 Pilot. And in my first 2 purchases with them, I was able to take off a few thousand from the sticker, but the 22 was the very first car I bought that I paid sticker due to "no or lack of inventory" from dealers. My car was literally being unloaded from the truck when I bought it; that the dealer didn't even have time to install those "dealer installed accessories" to boost the car price a bit more.
Yep. I view it as a wash considering that I got way more for my trade than I would have in normal times. Probably about the same as I have negotiated down in the past. Not worth putting more miles on the trade hoping that the other dealers quoting me December for what I wanted would even have one.

I’m excited with the new car, glad to be out of the old one, and sitting waiting for the next gen Pilot. Probably will get the new one for the wife then, I will take this one. I am happy with that scenario.
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