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2022 Price Reporting thread.

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Please use this thread to discuss pricing on model year 2022 Pilots ONLY!

How to report your price:

Trim level
Factory options selected

MSRP inc delivery
Actual Price Paid before extras
Dealer fitted extras (eg rubber mats, towing)
Title and other fees

Dealer name, city, state.
Additionally, please share if you traded in a car or not.

Thank you

2022 Honda Pilot Pricing
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Did you explore COSTCO/TrueCar or any other buying service?

While you are gaining on your Trade-IN by paying MSRP the same is lost.
In this wacky car market, many dealers are not honoring the discount programs of the past. Costco, True Car, even GM supplier discounts or Ford affiliate programs such as the X plan. For a while some dealers weren't even accepting employee plans such as the Ford A and D until Ford stepped in and said they had to accept at least those. There is no need right now for dealers to use these programs due to the shortages of new and used inventory. They are marking up the MSRP with "Market Adjustment" fees, additional add ons such as the nitrogen fill, and very seldom selling even at MSRP.

You may find some dealers who are a bit more willing to deal but you have to really look long and hard.

I for the heck of it had Carvana give me a buy price on my 2019 Pilot Touring AWD with 27500 miles and noted it had a few chips on the hood. Their offer was $40770!!!! I paid $39,700 almost 3 years ago before taxes, fees, etc ($42500 out the door.) I would sell in a heart beat EXCEPT I would then have to replace it. As noted above the high trade in value is washed out by the high selling price of a new one. We are a one car family so it would have to be replaced.
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How did you find this vehicle ? Which dealership ?
Also is it FWD or AWD wheel drive? Might explain the price if it is FWD.
2022 Sonic Gray SE AWD - $39,684 including All-Weather Mats and Rear Folding Trunk Mat
62% Residual 10k a Year
$489 a month
Any money down? Does that payment include tax and if so at what rate?
1st Payment Down
Monthly Use Tax in Missouri of 7.725%
Thanks. Hope it serves you well!
Okie, but purchased in Wichita Falls, TX

New 2022 FWD Touring
Metallic White with Tan interior.
$46,469 cash out the door.

My question is how much of a deal these dealers get on the vehicles from big daddy Honda Corp. MSRP on it was $45,860, I know they still made money on it, just don’t know how much.
My 2019 Touring AWD 8 Passenger had an MSRP of $45,465 and an Invoice of $41,635. These included the destination charge of $1,045. I purchased with no trade in for $42,776 and also received a $1,000 Honda rebate towards the purchase price for an effective sale price of $41,776 and 1.90 finance through Honda Financial for 60 months.

Per Edmunds

2022 Honda Pilot MSRP and Invoice Price
TrimsMSRPInvoice PriceEdmunds Suggested
SE Most Popular$42,205$39,437$43,206
Black Edition$53,165$48,837$54,141
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There are also "hidden" additional discounts the dealer receives from Honda including the holdback money and any bonus money Honda pays for meeting or exceeding sales quotas. These are seldom passed on to the buyer and are kept by the dealer in most cases.
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That price of 42910.00 is the sticker price for an AWD Pilot. The FWD stickers for 2000.00 less. Do you need the AWD in Houston? The destination charge is correct and must be added to either the AWD or the FWD sticker. The other protection package and interior and glass service and protection are dealer add ons and profit. Not worth it in my opinion.

If you are thinking about an extended service contract, make sure you check the online sellers such as College Hill, Hyannis, and others as they are some of the best prices you will find. I think around $1400-1500 for 8 year 120000 mile Honda Care with $0 deductible.
Best of luck. I have heard that some Honda dealers have finally stopped adding upcharges and extra fees, and some are even discounting a bit. There is a website which may prove useful to you when shopping for any brand to see what others have found.

Car Mark Up Reports
Florida law prohibits the sale of these warranties from an outside company. I have read of other owner's on different forums who were able to use an out of state address to buy a warranty and then be able to use it in Florida. Not sure how that exactly works but just wanted to mention it.

Do a search for "Honda Care" in the Search Community box at the top of every page to find other dealers selling these. Unfortunatly though I believe because you are in Florida you will have a difficult time finding any that will sell to you with a Florida address.
Well at least you live in a state with plenty of sunshine and warmth! Best of luck and hope you are able to find something better than that $3999.00 plan by the dealer. Have you checked with other in state dealers just to compare prices. I'm not sure if the state regulates the prices or not.
Florida regulates how much the Honda Care or other extended warranties must be sold for. Something to do with the insurance agencies down there. You can try to negotiate a deal on the car but the Honda Care will be an unnegotiable price from what I have read.
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