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I was wondering if others who have the weathertech floor liners have any tiny gaps on the door side. Basically it does not sit completely flush with the car. I notice it on the front passenger side and passenger side 2nd row. The 3rd row sit flush all around perfectly. The 2nd row sit flush everywhere else besides. The driver side sit flush everywhere. My concern is since I live in an area with ice, snow, and salt, I didn’t want water, ice, snow, or salt to get into the tiny gap. To some it might not seem like a bit deal but considering the weather out here, I do not want to deal with it like with previous car mats/protectors. If the gap was on the inside along the center console I wouldn’t worry but since it’s on the door side where people would constantly go in and out, it is more of a concern.

Car is a 2020 Black Edition. I’m not sure if I need to give it some time or if I should just contact weathertech. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


2nd row passenger side.


Front passenger side


Front passenger side


Driver side to show how flush it sits everywhere else.
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