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Greetings. The boss misplaced her remote/key fob. Called local dealer, they quoted $375.00 for replacement unit and cutting and programming. Ouch. Did a quick web search
And found at an oem dealer in Rhode Island a unit with battery (part only) for $44.00 and some cents. What is the situation with Honda
Remotes? Chevys, you can buy remotes on ebay or others cheaper than dealer and mate it yourself to car. Usually parts person will cut the key for a nominal fee or free. Depending on
Their mood or policy. Have done this on a number of chevys.
My question: is this outfit in Rhode Island legit? They state they have been a Honda dealer since forever, etc. Or suggestions on oem parts are welcome.....also, is there a DIY procedure to mate a new fob to a car, if we have one fob now and the shiny new one has the key cut? Thanks in advance for any response ! Oh wait one more question, how many fobs can be assigned to one car at same time? Thanks!
Martin Sending
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