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We recently purchased a 2020 honda pilot black edition. After a couple of weeks, we noticed random occurrences of cracking and popping coming from the dashboard. As a few more weeks went by the noise began to increase in frequency, duration, and intensity.
Finally, the problem became constant and more severe. The touch screen began to blackout, and the instrument display also went black while driving, creating a serious safety hazard. The system would sometimes read "network communication lost".
Sometimes the system would try repeatedly to reboot itself but never would come back online.
We took the vehicle back to the dealership where we purchased it from, (name of the dealership in Cincinnati Ohio to follow pending resolution of problem).
Later that evening I received a text message, :\" hello, it's --- from -------- Honda. this is my cell phone so you can text me the videos, (I was asked by the dealership when I called to report the issue, to record video of what was happening) whenever you can thank you.
Naturally, I text them the videos. The next text came at 4:57 PM the same day.
The text read, "hello again, my tech went back and forth with Honda tech line(Honda engineers) today and gave them all the details and symptoms and collectively
they came to the conclusion that we have to replace the front engine wiring harness. We ordered it and it will be here tomorrow but it does include removing dashboard tech that is working on it is a 25+ year honda master tech so the vehicle is in wonderful hands but it will take a couple of days".
My response to this news was;
"I just want to have a text thread referencing the conversation that we had, I DO NOT WISH TO HAVE THE CAR REPAIRED until some sort of resolution has been presented by your management".

See my thought is this If your "master tech of 25 years hasn't heard about this particular issue (which seems rampant not just with our 20202 pilot but others as well,
not to mention the other Honda models that we discovered were experiencing the same failure, oh, and by the way, we simply typed crackling and popping noise in 2020 honda pilot and several websites popped up, pretty easy to discover and I have never worked as a master tech for Honda, Maby I should apply? did I miss my calling?) how can I find information so easily when after asking if there is a specific issue with this vehicle I was told: "not that they were aware of". suspicious.
I had the same problem on the Pilot Black edition 2020 - but only when I turn the engine off and listen to the radio. The crackling noise comes and continues even if I turn the radio off. To stop it, I have to open the door.
Happened to me twice
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