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2019 Rear Brakes Pad

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Have a 2019 EXL. Have 32000 miles. Ft brakes have 8 mm left on pad. Rear brake have only 2mm left on pad. Why is the rear going out a lot faster than the ft.

Live in Texas. Don't use emergency brake. Routine driving.
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Are you sure you are not using the emergency brake and don't know it. Wife accidentally stepped on the emergency brake pedal once and barely engaged them. Only one or two clicks. So that would be the first thing to just double check. She noticed that her gas mileage had gone down some.

Check that the calipers are working correctly and the guide pins are properly lubed and moving. Rear pads wearing faster than front pads is usually a sign of something keeping the pads from complete releasing/separating from the rotors.

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Drive the car and then go around and feel if the brakes are all the same temperature. DO NOT touch the rotor itself or any other metal part, just hover your hand around there and feel for excessive heat. Hondas are notorious for the back calipers locking up either due to poor caliper assembly/design or poor hoses. This will raise the temp of the brakes at the affected corner. If one is hotter than the others you found your problem. If everything is uniform maybe you just need rear brakes.
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