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Oh Shucks we are getting a new Engine Wiring Harness.
We left our new pilot with the Honda service dept. last week and just after the warning Emission Systems Problem appeared on the panel. 6 days later a Master Tech reported to a Service Advisor telling us " he found an inadequate pin fit at pin 29 connector C at the PCM. If you de-pin this wire it will create the same high voltage code. So we need to replace the wiring harness due to poor pin fit. We have already called honda and informed our reference line to let them know if this becomes an issue."
The advisor then informed us "this will take about a day for the harness, but we will have to test drive to confirm repairs, as a third return for this concern would just be too much! "
He finished with a little reassurance by explaining ", there was a defect/or damage to the harness upon installation or assembly. The Harness is mostly just the connections (plugs) from each little component to the big three ECM(engine control module) connectors. For reference Honda builds parts into modular sections, and shares the designs across similar models and even makes! (i.e Acura). no electrical components are being opened up. this should be like replacing any other component in the vehicle like a battery or headlight, as long as we tidy up behind ourselves and confirm the repairs your Honda Pilot will have a healthy long Service Life!" (quotes from the emails received today.)
I have zero experience replacing a wire harness. II keep distracting myself from worry by wondering what additions and upgrades can be made after the old harness is removed and before the new installed
I have read about four other Pilots getting a new harness, I think Honda was well informed before our Pilot.

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