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Soooo I love my Pilot and have been with Honda for nearly 20 years, but I'm really close to trading it in and never looking back at another Honda.

The apple car play drops calls then freezes the whole system WHOLE as in the speedometer, map, everything. Software is up to date
Software recall update complete

When I talked to the dealership (4 times) they told me: It's because I have a bad cable, it's because my phone is not compatible, so I switched from an iPhone 6 to X and still have issues. Then they just revert back to the same answers, and I say "no, you already tried that, it's not the issue, when will there be a fix?" I am disheartened by the forum because it seems this problem has been ongoing for several years.

My questions are: Does anyone have an actual fix? And has anyone tried to lemon law the Pilot because of this? Does anyone know the process?
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