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We have a new 2019 Pilot Touring.

The manual states our trim level is capable of receiving automatic system updates from Honda. No owner input is necessary per Honda.

My question: Is there a webpage / location where I can read if / when an update was received and what items / software was updated?

The reason I'm asking, is since driving the Pilot from the dealer, our in-dash GPS map would fully zoom in, so the driver can't see where car is going. After using the '-' button to zoom out, it would zoom back in 30 seconds later.

Talked to Garmen, and there's no 'auto-zoom' feature that can be disabled on the Pilot maps. Garmen said that it's working as designed.

A couple of days ago, the map can be zoomed out, and stays zoomed out (just like other Garmen GPS maps we own.

Wondering if it was upgraded by Honda, using the system update feature?
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