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I did a search and didn't see this exact problem, but if I missed it and there was a previous discussion and fix, I'd very much appreciate a link to it.

This is a really bizarre issue that just started occurring a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been driving a lot, but it doesn't seem to happen every time I drive, but it happened both times I had it out today.

Sometimes the volume controls, whether they're on the steering wheel or the HU itself, don't actually control the volume. The bar goes up and down, but the max seems to be around 11 (cue Spinal Tap joke), which is much lower than it should be, and whether it's there or at 0, the volume is exactly the same. I've noticed that when this happens there's no "mute" button displayed under the volume bar like there normally is.

It happens on both SiriusXM and CarPlay (the only 2 sources I use), and whether the RES is on or not. It seems to start out working OK, but after some undetermined period of time it goes sideways. I looked in the settings, but there's nothing there that would seem to control it.

There haven't been any changes in my car (software updates, etc) unless the dealership did something when I had my oil switch replaced a few weeks ago as documented in another thread.

Any ideas? This is weird as all get-out.
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