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I recently purchased 4 take-off rims from a 2018 Ridgeline to use as snow tires, guy wanted $500 but I ended up paying $200 for all 4. Bolt pattern, 5x120, and offset, 8JJx18 ET55, are the same as our Pilot. However, to my surprise, Honda uses a different part number for the TPMS sensors. Pilot's part number is 42753-TG7-A51, and Ridgeline's is 42753-T6N-A01. After finding pictures of each of them on Ebay, both appear to be 433Mhz and very similar physically if not the same.

My question is, are they interchangeable? If I get the Pilot's version, will I have fitment issues on the Ridgeline rim? Or should I get the Ridgeline's version and hope my Pilot will have no issue reading or detecting the sensors? Not sure why but inside the Ridgeline rims, it actually indicates FOR TPMS 330/331, which I'm assuming 330/331 Mhz. My understanding is that no programming is needed and our Pilots can store 4 sets of sensors.

Thanks for your help.


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