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We bought a used 2017 Pilot Touring about a month ago. We're very happy with the vehicle. The infotainment is much more advanced than anything I've had before in a vehicle. My wife has been driving the vehicle, and hasn't experienced any issues.

While I was driving the car today I noticed an issue with listening to the FM radio. I did some research online and discovered there are a lot of complaints about the FM radio fading in and out, and the entire infotainment screen going blank. This seemed to be isolated to the 2016 model, and was corrected for 2017. Some mentioned that the issue was with the HD radio, as it could "lose" the HD signal, and would switch to another signal, and the sound would come back.

So when driving and listening to the FM radio in our 2017 the sound just stops coming out of the speakers. The radio station is still displaying on the infotainment system. I can increase the volume from the steering wheel buttons and it shows that the volume is indeed increasing, but there is no sound.

I asked my wife if she noticed the issue, and she never has; as she seems to mostly use the CD player to listen to to books on tape. So it looks like the issue I'm noticing is exclusive to FM stations. I was wondering if there is a way to "disable" the HD radio signal, and only work off a "lesser" signal. My thought is that if the problem is isolated to the HD signal, maybe setting the radio to a standard FM signal might alleviate the issue as it would be the "default" signal.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with your 2017 Touring or Elite (I believe the problem with the 16s was also on the Touring and Elite as those trim levels were the only ones offering HD radio)? If so, what was done to remedy the issue?

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