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I parked my 2017 Pilot last night and very early this morning the car was in panic mode by itself, and I found that nothing and no one touched car
when I reached at my car, but the mobilizer alert which is a green key shaped light on dashboard was flickering.


And, I was trying to ignite engine, but it didn't work initially. I tried it couple of time to do that, but the dashboard wasn't working normally as usual
which you could see from the movie clips that I took below.

And, somehow the mobilizer alert light was gone, and I locked door with my remote key and walking away from the car, however the car started
panic mode again about 3 minutes after I locked the door, and I found that the mobilizer alert light on with the problem that I stated above all over again.

Do you have any idea what's going on with my car? And, anyone who had the same or similar experience before, and how to fix it?
Yes, I will bring my car to Honda dealer shop or service center or something soon, but I just want to know what exactly problem with that.

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