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2017 Honda Pilot headunit black box on 2016 Pilot

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Got my 2017 Honda Pilot black box a day early. Thanks UPS! Heres a quick video of the first startup. Glad it was successful. It seems my theory was correct. Everything was plug and play. Vin number doesnt need to be entered. The anti theft keyless entry is the actually module that gives the OK for the headunit to run. At start up it will do a quick diagnostic test. Then I pressed the Power + Menu + Brightness button then a pop up an anti theft box asking to hold on to the power button to verify. After that it cleared and everything went through. All my old fm radio stations came back so it looks like a lot of data isnt even stored on the headunit.

Will update the thread when i do some more testing. any questions ask away.


2017 Pilot Black box assembly Part # 39542-TG7-A12
picked mine up from hondapartsnetwork for $852. search your favorite site or dealership as google search won't pop up most site parts catalog.


Plastic trim removal kit

philips screwdriver, power tool to speed things up.

Removal and install info can by found in my sticky post of service info.
search audio in the remove install folder

will make a video on how to remove the black box cover to separate main unit from the screen. Honda didn't properly describe how to remove the ribbons and i almost damaged the ribbon.

Edit: added comparison pictures

opening the box

front of the black box without a screen

identical ports

2016 head unit black box top cover removed

2017 head unit black box top cover removed
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I just installed a radio from a 2017 EX-L in my 2016 EX-L. The salvage yard has it listed as a NAV model. So stupid question: Will a non-nav pilot support a radio with nav? From a salvage yard, the price difference is not very much (between nav and non-nav), so it's not a big deal. I mainly wanted the Apple car play, which is working. But perhaps this is why I'm not finding a way to bring up the nav. I thought maybe there's a super secret menu press combination that starts up nav, but maybe not. Everything went well. I purchased a set of body trim tools from Harbor Freight (four tools for $7). Well worth the investment.
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