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Took the plunge!

I took the plunge and installed a 2017 head unit (39542-TG7-A12) in my 2016 EX-L (non-Nav). Many thanks to Anekin007's instructions!

Here are my takeaways:

1) The trim removal tools are a huge help! See Anekin007's original post.

2) The instructions you need for getting all the trim pieces removed are linked below. (Again, thanks to Anekin007!). I would recommend printing them out, as it's easier to refer to while you're working.
Audio Unit Removal and Installation (8in screen)
Dashboard Center Middle Trim Removal and Installation
Dashboard Side Lid Removal and Installation
Driver's Dashboard Lower Cover Removal and Installation - for this process, this piece just has to be detached along the top, not completely removed.
Passenger's Dashboard Trim Panel Removal and Installation
Dashboard Center Panel Removal and Installation

3) The bolts to loosen just prior to removing the head unit are further recessed than they appear in the service drawings. You may need a box-end wrench (8mm, I believe) to loosen them. I had a ratchet driver and it was a pain to contort through the openings. If I had a "short" extension (1") for my driver, it would have been just about right. Again, you don't have to remove these bolts, just loosen them. When you can spin the washer freely, that's good enough.

4) When pulling out the old head unit, use a very wide trim tool along the top of the screen, toward the corners. Pulling gently with that tool plus your hand along the underside of the unit will let it come straight out. Once you get it loose and the air vents are free of the dashboard, it comes out quite easily.

5) The connectors are keyed so it's pretty easy to get things plugged back in correctly. Make sure you locate the release tab for each connector and pull only on the connector, not the wires!

6) The flexible circuit connectors from the head unit to the screen are fragile. The best way to unlatch the connector is with a small plastic trim tool. Slide it under the black part of the lock tab along the edge where the flexible circuit exits, and gently raise it up, like a lever. When you put it back together, just ensure the flexible cable is laid straight into the connector, and sits down in the grooves of the connector - then close the latch and it should be good to go. Pictures are attached...

7) Once you get things powered back up, you'll need to clear the power-up diagnostics. (Thanks to wendellb for the tip!) I made a video of the process:

8) My system seemed to work fine without changing the microphone. But, for good measure, I changed it anyway since it was cheap enough to not fret over. (The 2016 model is 39180-T0A-R01 and the 2017 model is 39180-TLA-A11). This mic lives in the roof console where the map lights, HomeLink transmitter, and "conversation mirror" are located. There are some small mechanical differences between the two. They are the same form factor and are easily swapped out, but the aperture for the mic changes from a pair of "curved slots" in the 2016 model to a pair of concave depressions with small holes in the center for the 2017 model. Not sure how much it changes the characteristics of the audio it captures, or the sensitivity - but there are visible differences between the two. Instructions for changing out the mic:
Roof Console Module Removal and Installation (optional, but may be easier for some)
ANC-Active Sound Control Microphone Removal and Installation

9) I found that the only USB port that works with Android Auto is the left-most one just below the head unit. It's a 1.5A port, which at first disappointed me since I thought I might need the extra power for charging my phone. But, as it turns out, my phone still charges even with AA running full bore, including music & navigation.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the upgrade - well worth the money saved vs. buying a 2017 EX-L. Android Auto is great, and getting better rapidly! The navigation is super-smooth and having handsfree access to Google Play Music and Google Now is awesome!
I know it has been few years since you posted this. I am looking to do this soon. I can't get access to the docs for some reason. Can you share the links you have with the PDF for me to download?
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