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*** Just wanted to thank all the posts in here that help me buy the right unit and install it pretty easy in my 2016 Honda Pilot EX. Bought a unit from ($320 with screen) from a 2017 pilot EX-L w/out nav or RES. PART# 39540-TG7-A12 replacing my original #39540-TG7-A01. I received the new unit with the screen detached and was worried that one of the ribbons was out at one end from the receiver and thought I wouldn't be able to connect it back when I'll put the screen back on the receiver, BUT I found answers in post #107, I took the screws out from the bottom of the receiver and the cover came off, and that's how you connect the ribbon back after you attach the screen. I hope I was clear in my description....

I'm also attaching some pics...

The only thing that I've noticed is that sometimes the phone S21+ didn't connect right away and I need to keep unplug it and replug it back and then it connects to Android Auto... Don't understand why...

In rest it just works fine 😁📱

I watched this video for the removal...

Hi @Mikeyx31
Thanks for the write up. I have a 2016 EX also and am looking to pull the trigger and replace the head unit. Did you lose any functionality? Specifically did you lose the right turn camera on the head unit? My wife loves that and it would be a deal breaker.
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