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I finally took the plunge. After months of searching for a used unit, I finally got one from Benzeen Auto Parts in Rancho Cordova, CA. I bought the 39540-TG7-A13 from a 2018 Pilot EX-L. Got the headunit 2 days after I ordered it. Last night was the perfect night for the install.

With the help of postings from this forum, I was able to remove my old HU in about 15 minutes. Unluckily or luckily, while i was removing the 2 8mm bolts, my socket fell so I had to remove the lower trim with the USB ports - 4 screws. This actually created more space for me to use an extension ratchet to remove the 2 8 mm.

The only drawback was the unit I bought had scratches on the screen so I had to swap out the screens. Just a friendly tip when replacing screens, remove the bottom plate of the radio unit and remove the ribbon wires (2) from the bottom before you detach the screen. This will make swapping the screens easier and clipping the ribbons back in place. Putting the HU and all the trims back was manageable. If not for the display swap, install would have been a lot easier.

After powering the unit on, it immediately asked for the security code. I did go to Honda Radio / Navigation Code Retrieval and Reset Instructions and put in the VIN supplied by Benzeen as well as the serial number. Based on a tip from another user in this forum, the serial number to input is the digits without the first digit and the alpha characters. 3 possible codes were generated. After 2 tries, my HU unlocked and my $ 449 investment was all worth it.

All my previous settings were back. I just needed to add my phone to get CarPlay. I did not replace the mic. Everything went well. Postings in this forum really helped a lot.

Thank you to all the contributors.

I had installed a display unit from a 2017 model that supports CarPlay, unfortunately it didn't work for me, was wondering if you had to change the USB port or anything to do with the USB port?


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