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I know there is a lot of info already here on the radio swap but I have a a few questions for anyone who has done this on the Canadian models.

I managed to get a 2017 EX-l head unit for my 2016 Touring. I have not started the swap yet because I am unsure if it will work.
First off the I cannot find any info on the specific p/n of the unit I bought. It's a 39540-TG7-C42. I assume the 'C' is for the Canadian market?
From the looks of the connections on the back it seems to be the same as the A42 used in the touring models for the US market.
Would anyone be able to tell if this is compatible with my Touring. There is no Elite model in Canada, Touring is the top. I know the EX-L does not use or have the same amp but the connections look the same.

My other big issue is I do not have the radio code for my existing unit or for the replacement unit. I do have the VIN though.
You cannot use the Honda website for the codes for Canadian models. You must get them from the dealer which makes it difficult.
I am worried If I swap them just to try it I might not be able to put the original unit back without the code.
If I unplug the unit will I be required to enter a code?

I have not removed mine yet to check because it's the wife's car and she will not be impressed if I mess it up!

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are pictures of the unit I purchased.

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