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I posted a few weeks ago about my successful radio transplant thanks to the posts in this forum. I have a 2016 Honda Pilot EX-L, and I installed part number 39542-TG7-A14, which is for a 2018 model year. Everything has been working great, but I do have a question about the display behavior that is a little annoying.

I tend to use the hard buttons on the steering wheel to adjust volume; when using CarPlay, it seems that the volume does not popup and display anywhere when it is adjusted this way. To break down the observed behavior:
  1. When listening to FM audio, if I change the volume from the hard buttons on the steering wheel OR the touchscreen, the volume change is reflected on both the dashboard and the touchscreen displays. That behavior is unchanged from the original factory radio (I think).
  2. When listening to CarPlay, volume changes from the hard buttons on the steering wheel never appear anywhere -- neither the dash nor the touchscreen display shows volume info. If I change volume from the touchscreen, the volume is displayed via a popup on the touchscreen only.
This may seem a little OCD, and I suppose it is. But I like loud music and I have young kids, so I'm used to using the display as a reference so that I don't blow the kids' eardrums out.

Anybody run into this volume display behavior and know of a fix or workaround?
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