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This website/thread saved me $1500. I have had this error go on and off on my 2016 Pilot for the past 50K miles. Sometimes it stays on for a few days, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it triggers other warning (traction control, AWD, power steering, hill assist) and sometimes it just shows "emissions problem". I have 130K on the car and had Honda run the codes when I changed the timing belt at 105K. At that time, Honda said that the warranty was only to 85K. I pleaded with corporate with no luck. I also considered doing the job myself following the YouTube links posted here. I checked back last week and learned that SB 20-100 indeed updated the warranty to 150K or 10 years. Honda is doing the repair now (as I type this) at no charge. Thanks to those who continue to post to this site as it saved me a lot of money.
1 - 1 of 227 Posts