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I've been following this page for months as intermittently my '16 elite would light the dash up like a Christmas tree, including the dreaded emissions system problem code. It would come and go and not wanting to get the injector replacement I lived with it. Then last week, while on vacation, it happened again only this time the transmission system problem light came on and the car was shifting oddly and hesitating quite a bit. Unsure how serious it was I had to get the car towed to the closest dealership and was expecting to pay for new injectors. The dealer called me a few hours later and said injectors needed replacing but they were warrantied for 8 years/80k miles (53k on my pilot)
. I initially thought the service department was mistaken, but they indeed replaced the injectors at no cost without me asking/haggling/fighting or anything. I live in NJ and the dealer was in Manahawkin if anyone is wondering. I've included a copy of service record, my wife and I thought we hit the lottery.
1 - 1 of 227 Posts